Want to build your own house? This is how to begin 

Are you thinking of building your own home this year or the coming years, and moving out of rented premises?

You have the desire to, some little money somewhere, some little knowledge but not sure how to begin. Let us tell you how.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, they say. But the problem is that you want the whole thing done together and once: have all the money, buy land, design your dream house, bring in the contractor and within six months, you are all over in the social media flashing pics of your real dream house.

Such an approach has left many guys stuck and year in year out, they are holed up in rented premises. After five years, there is no tangible assets you can account for except household items and may be a car.

Buying land and building your own house is an arduous task. Ask the home-owners and they will tell you it is stressful in terms of finance, energy, time, conflicts…name it.

But equally the same, what a great achievement, what a prestige when you own a home and what a feeling when you free yourself from the chains of land lords. You earn some respect in the society…

But how can we make the process of owning own home simple. How do you cover a thousand miles with less stress? Think of it this way:

You have KSh 400, 000. Certainly, this is not even money especially if you want to buy land in some areas of interest. But there are some places this money can afford you an 1/8th of a land. We will let you know in just a moment.

Once you buy it, you can now source for funds to start building. It might take you a year to save some money. A few thousands for a designer, then a few thousands to ferry the building blocks, cement, concrete, and sand soil. Start with the foundation. Take a pause. Get some money, take it to the roof… one step a time.

And in a span of two years, depending on your finances, you will be out of rented premises. Then you can continue doing finishes.

Why should invest with Epitome Properties Limited? At Lukenya Hills, about 6KM from Simba Cement along Mombasa Road, we have Lukenya Prime Gardens, 1/8 plots touching the proposed Greater eastern bypass, and close to Lukenya academy and Daystar university.

The property is ideal for residential houses, agricultural use, future development, resorts, and getaways. Check this link: http://bit.ly/2DUNqOn  

At KSh 450,000, you can get a 1/8 of a plot in Lukenya Prime Gardens and begin developing your own home before the year 2019 ends.

Some other affordable plots include:

Mountain View Phase I at KShs 350,000.00

Mountain View Phase II at KShs 300, 000.00

Image courtesy of Construction Review Online.